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    Introducing our fastest, most hydrodynamic goggle ever. Designed for the world’s top athletes as part of the Speedo Fastskin Racing System, our mirrored competition goggle includes our most advanced IQfit™ technology for the ultimate leak-free, precision-fit performance. Engineered for racing, its low-profile, hydrodynamic design minimises drag while the wide-vision anti-fog lenses provide excellent clarity and uninterrupted 180-degree peripheral vision.

    Created using global head scanning data, the Fastskin Elite Goggle includes our patented IQfit™ 3D seal and strap tensioning scale for unparalleled accuracy and our most secure fit yet.

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    FASTSKIN Elite Mirror

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    Product Description

    Propel through the water like a champion. The innovative and technically advanced Fastskin 3 Elite goggle features a hydrodynamic design that gives the UV-protected lens a unique shape, resulting in superior peripheral vision. Created for the most serious of swimmers, this essential tool features IQ Fit technology for a realistic and secure fit through a patented 3-D seal and one-piece strap, allowing you to focus on beating the competition.

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    ELITE mirror

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