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    – Two different whistle tones+SOS mode selectable by user – Easy to use : operated by single hand – Hand grip strap design for easiler grip on hand. – Addition color ring and lanyard provided (To replacement of hand grip strap if not in use.) – Special design metal-tubing to reach 125dB+/-5dB loudness. – Handy & Hygienic without blowing the whistle – Suitable for all sporting events – SOS mode: Give out S-O-S Morse code automaticall when emergency situations whom indangous and need help. – Multi-propose use suitable for: Referee, Coaches, Traveler, Adventurer, Guides, Cheerleaders,Lifeguards, Teachers, Traffic Guides, Dog Trainer…
    AAA battery. Is not included in a kit, should be purchased separately.

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    Mad Wave’s STOPWATCH 500 is a professional-quality stopwatch. Measures in 1/1000 sec increments. 500 lap memory. Displays numbers of laps, time of each lap and general distance time. Calculates and displays the fastest, slowest and average lap time. Includes calendar, watch, alarm. Memory recall during stopwatch mode. CR2430 lithium battery. Water resistance – 3 bar. Do not use underwater.

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    STOPWACH 500 memory

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